Redoute: Virtue of Resistance- Open Salon, November 20 & 21, 2015

  • Mask: Questions of disorder, a dance of rebellion. Egungun. African aso-oke cloth tunic faggoted with trade beads and brass.

  • Chicken Dance: Felted cashmere and knitted mohair vests with Coq feathers.

  • A Gift to Nancy: Three obi’s from Nancy Heers’ vintage collection, paneled and appliqued.

  • Red Admiral: The muse, butterflies! Applique of remnant laces and velvet, pieced and painted.

  • Ikat Check: Look closely! Woven motif and lace insertion with Wendel Heers’ sculpture “Walking Boulders”.

  • Romance is Real: For Agnes, net beaded with pearls and sequins, a bias skirt of doubled silk crepe de chine.

  • Honeycomb Smock: Front/back, inside/outside, reverse.

  • Reverie: Quilted velvet shelter of the body. Clothed in nature, an intimate knowing through touch.
    Photographed with my installation Earthly Paradise. Dappled, sunlit, exuberant growth!

  • Space: Big Bang/Escape Pod, Past/future, it’s an energy source/collector.

  • Interior: Corners and growth, ruins, correction, introversion, solitude, imagination, outward action.

  • Redoute: Virtue of Resistance- Open Salon
    Friday, November 20 1pm -9pm
    & Saturday, November 21, 1pm -5pm.

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    Each month: 3 Things

    October 6, 2015: "Small Works to Plant"
    November 3, 2015: "Coq Feathers"
    December 1, 2015: "Silk Velvet"
    January 4, 2016: "Soft Warmth"

    An artistic exploration of couture through material, color, technique...
    distinct objects, yet alike.

    Presented for purchase online and on first Tuesdays, 1-7pm
    in the Ann Arbor salon @ 201 E. Liberty, #4, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Beauty remains. Reflections open. Fortitude, idealism, quality.